As Casper bears witness to the rise of The District, we thought we would highlight some other districts that have had a cultural impact throughout the years.

Of course, no district has had as much of an impact as District 12.

District 12 is one of thirteen districts that make up Panem, the fictional dystopia in the hugely successful Hunger Games Trilogy. District 12 is the smallest and poorest district in Panem, but it is also the district that seemingly had the most to offer, that being literary heroine Katniss Everdeen. Katniss rose from the ashes that was District 12 and became a symbol of hope to not only her fellow countrymen and women, but also to an entire generation who happened to read or watch The Hunger Games.

What Katniss Everdeen stood for are things that we should all strive to attain. She stood for courage under pressure. She stood for hope. She stood for passion. More than anything, Katniss Everdeen stood for her fellow man and woman. She didn’t see districts or victors or rebels or The Capitol. Katniss just saw human beings. And that is who she stood for. That is who she fought for. And that is who she led.

Katniss Everdeen made District 12 the 2nd most important district in the world. The MOST important district is, of course, The District, located here in Casper Wyoming. Just as Katniss rose up to lead a nation, so too are the businesses and individuals in The District. The District is made up of musicians, chefs, artists, visionaries and rebels- all with one common goal, which is to make Casper one of the capitol destinations for visitors to Wyoming. Perhaps one of these people will rise to even greater heights. Perhaps a lot of them will. It wouldn’t surprise us, because we have met some incredible individuals in The District. And while they may not resemble Katniss Everdeen in appearance (because nobody could ever look like J-Law) many of them absolutely represent her in spirit. And any of these people would be a proud representative of The District, if we ever had to battle in the Hunger Games.

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So it finally happened. Weeks after swiping right on your dream girl, you’ve finally convinced her to go on a date with you. Now, this is no ordinary girl, and you are convinced that she has a multitude of suitors lined up if this date does not go well. THIS DATE HAS TO GO WELL, you yell at your reflection. First of all, stop talking to your reflection. It’s weird. Secondly, calm down. Take a deep breath, count to ten and continue reading.

We got this.

This date will go beyond a mere dinner and a movie. No, you are going to take her into the heart of The District and, in return, maybe she will offer hers to you. You can achieve this in 5 easy stops.


Stop 1)-Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana

Look, we know we said this date has to be more than dinner and a movie, and it will be, but dinner IS an important aspect of a date that should never be overlooked. Especially if this girl is one of those versions that gets Hangry easily. We don’t want to risk that, so let’s start with dinner, yea?

Luckily, Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana has you covered in terms of quality, affordability, and ambiance. You will probably never taste better pizza than the pizza at Racca’s, and that’s because the quality used in each ingredient is second to none. Every ingredient is fresh and Marcos uses 00 Caputo flour, which adds the extra chewy texture that we all love.

In addition to pizzas, Racca’s also offers wonderful salads, sandwiches, wings and more. Plus, they have a full service bar, which will serve you well because you and your date will both undoubtedly need a tension-quelling drink, seeing as how this is your first date and all.

So buy your lady a drink. Order some pizza (and wings. Do NOT forget the wings). Don’t forget your manners, either. Pull out her chair. Use your napkin. Maintain eye contact. If you do all of these things, Stop 1 will be a success.

Which leads us to…


Stop 2)- The David Street Station

If you planned this date thoroughly (and you should have, being that you’ve waited for this day your entire life, it seems), then you would have chosen a night where something really cool is happening at the David Street Station. Lucky for you, there’s almost always something cool happening at David Street Station. Whether it’s a concert, a tail gate or a fall festival, the David Street Station delights in bringing the community together for some fun under the sun and/or stars.  Hopefully, this will benefit you.

If it’s a concert, this is the perfect opportunity to “woo” her a little bit. Maybe there will be a slow song playing, and you could gently take her hand in yours. Because be honest, when’s the last time you actually tried to hold a girl’s hand? Not since middle school, right? Yet for some reason, this girl makes you feel like holding her hand would be akin to winning the lottery. Tell her that. Then take her hand. Then let the words of a love song take you both away as the moonlight shines in her blush.

Then, proceed to…


Stop 3)- Urban Bottle

If it’s still early enough in the night and you think things are going well, you might want to stop by Urban Bottle to gather some supplies. Urban Bottle is so much more than just a liquor shed. In fact, according to their website, they are a liquor store love story. Urban Bottle specializes in various tastings, pairings and more, in addition to offering an immense supply of the best beer, wine and liquor that money can buy. The liquor store is not ran by “clerks” just trying to collect a paycheck either. The people working at Urban Bottle have a knowledge and passion for the products they are selling. They will be able to answer any question you have (such as: what’s a good wine to make my hands stop being so sweaty?) and can make suggestions that will turn your night into, hopefully, a love story of your own.


Stop 4)- C85 Wonderbar

Listen. We’re not saying you need alcohol to have a good time. It just, ya know, helps. After snagging a bottle of Red from Urban Bottle, you and your date will want to stop by the C85 Wonderbar to experience some history with a little flare. The Wonderbar is one of the oldest bars in Casper, and it has been given a facelift to coincide with all of the other culture that has come to The District. C85 is a multi-leveled, self-serving bar. The service is excellent but you’re also able to pour your own beer and pay for it by the ounce. There is a lounge area as well, if you’re feeling especially Mad Men-ish. This is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail in a more intimate environment, before heading to…


Stop 5)- The Gaslight Social

Young couple having a drink together at the bar

As the name implies, this is THE bar to go to if you’re feeling a bit, well, social. As one of the newest bars in The District, the Gaslight is THE bub for people of all ages looking for food, fun, drinks and some of the best service around. Dinner was a while ago, so you may want to ask your date if she’s hungry again. If she says yes, you marry that girl. But before that, you can order from a menu featuring a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, nachos and more. The food menu pales in comparison to the drink menu, however. Gaslight has a multitude of beers on tap, wines and cocktails that will blow your mind without breaking your bank. AND THE GAMES! There are numerous arcade-style games throughout Gaslight, so you will be able to show your girl that, in addition to being the strong/silent type, you also have a playful side. You can demonstrate this to her by absolutely destroying her in Mario Kart.


And there you have it- our guide to the perfect Date Night in The District. We’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you. Be kind. Be charming. Be respectful. She agreed to meet you and that was the hardest part. Now, all you have to do is follow our guide and just be yourself. We’ll be looking for the wedding invite in the mail!

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