By: Nick Perkins

“Well, you can’t cook and your sister is hotter!” you yell into your cellphone. And then you press the ‘End’ button super aggressively because you can’t slam phones anymore.

With that, your relationship is now over. The signs had been there for a while; you should have noticed them. She didn’t look at you the same anymore. Her calls became less and less frequent. And also, she cheated on you whilst on vacation in Punta Cana. That’s a sign you probably should have noticed.

Regardless, it’s over now and it’s time to move on to bigger (boobs) and better things. So, take a deep breath, have a good cry and gather yourself together, because you are single and The District is the perfect place to mingle.

That being said, it’s also a very small area in a very small town. People talk. So to save you from any potentially embarrassing scenarios, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst things you could possibly do when looking for a date in Downtown Casper.

These are the Dos and Don’ts of Dating in The District.

The Office Bar & Grill


Do: Take a date to Karaoke Night or Singo Bingo at The Office.

Don’t: Sing Tainted Love during Karaoke because “it reminds me of my ex.”

Metro Coffee Co.


Do: Order a delicious hot or cold beverage and listen to one of the many local musicians that play the Metro stage.  Also tip your barista.

Don’t: Try to get some PG-13 rated action on one of the many comfortable couches. They’re there for reading, writing and talking. Not for under-the-shirt-over-the-bra stuff.

C85 Branding Iron


Do: Treat her to the best burgers in Casper, with some of the best servers in town.

Don’t: Tell her who owns it.

Yellowstone Garage


Do: Go to Rock the Block every Thursday this summer for food, live music, dancing and drinks!

Don’t: Block the…well…you know. If you’re with a girl and she seems more interested in somebody else, just let her go. Hey. HEY! *whispers* Just let her go, man.

David Street Station


Do: Enjoy a picnic, a concert or Summer Movie Night every week throughout the summer.

Don’t: Let people make you feel weird just because you’re at a kid’s movie but don’t actually have kids.

Frosted Tops

Do: Buy her a cupcake.

Don’t: Call her ‘cupcake.’

Frosty’s Bar & Grill


Do: Get her a shot at Casper’s best dive-bar.

Don’t: Get her shot at Casper’s best dive-bar. It’s kind of a tough crowd, ya know? And the regulars don’t take kindly to Prada-wearing, Snapchatting prima donnas. So don’t bring her to Frosty’s if she sucks.

(Just kidding. Frosty’s accepts everybody)

Wyoming Camera Outfitters

Do: Take a photography class together, taught by one of the great WCO employees, using various equipment from Canon, Tamron and more.

Don’t: Send her a dick pic.

The Gaslight Social

Do: Buy her a drink, buy her food, dance with her and play and defeat her in classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Mario Kart and more.

Don’t: Think that actually entitles you to anything.

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By: Nick Perkins

There’s something different about Casper lately. Maybe it started with the Eclipse Festival. Or maybe it started with the David Street Station. It could have started with the Art Walk or Rock the Block. Regardless of the ‘where’ and the ‘when,’ the fact is that something is happening to our little piece of the world.

And it’s awesome.

Take, for instance, 5150 Restaurant Week. This is a week-long glimpse into the best food and drink that Casper has to offer. Over 30 restaurants, bars, breweries and coffee shops are participating in this city-wide celebration, sponsored and produced by 5150 Local, an organization designed to show how special our city really is.

I recently sat down with (and by that, I mean Emailed) Amanda Scherlin, the marketing director for Visit Casper and one of the visionaries behind 5150 Local.

She explained who and what 5150 was, as well as the concept behind ‘Restaurant Week.’ She also answered a host of other questions as well, all of which provided an excellent glimpse into who 5150 is and what they’re trying to accomplish.

My original plan was to write an entire story based on her comments, but my Journalism professor once told me to ‘omit needless words.’ Quite frankly, all of my words for this article would be mostly needless, because Amanda did such a phenomenal job answering my questions. It worked out, because time that I would have spent writing about restaurants is now time that can be spent actually being inside of one.

Who even are you?

 Amanda Scherlin, Marketing Manager at Visit Casper

What is 5150′ Local? 

5150’ Local is a community brand for Casper by Casper.

 Wyoming locals have always been super proud to call the Cowboy State home and Casper is no exception. As we looked around, there were a lot of fun brands celebrating Wyoming as a whole, or other communities around the state, but none were all about Casper. And we know that there is a lot to love here, so we are creating a space to celebrate that.

 Right now, we have a blog, an Instagram and a Facebook page for locals to connect online. And every now and then we facilitate events like 5150’ Restaurant Week that bring people together offline in fun way just for the sake of being together.

 Oh, and 5150’ is Casper’s official elevation.

 What is 5150′ trying to accomplish? 

 We are simply creating a space for our community to celebrate all the things that make Casper a great place to call home.  Locals know that Casper is a special community—from the generosity of our neighbors to the landscapes and places we live. We want the people who love where they live to share that love with others. We’re having fun together and telling stories that remind us of all the obvious (and not so obvious reasons) we love it here.

 What is 5150′ Restaurant Week? 

5150’ Restaurant Week is a week-long celebration of Casper’s ever-growing culinary scene. We have nearly 200 truly amazing local restaurants, breweries, tasting rooms, bakeries and coffee spots that create unique spaces and experiences for the Casper community that are worth making a big deal about. April 1-7 people can visit the participating restaurants to get special menu items at exceptional prices.

 What is the purpose of 5150′ Restaurant Week? 

The purpose of 5150’ Restaurant Week is to get the community out and dining in our local establishments. Supporting local businesses is obviously great for our town and it means that more businesses can thrive and create these unique spaces and experiences. We’re encouraging Casper-ites to try a new local business or take advantage of the fun prices at an old favorite spot.

 Who and how many are participating? 

 34 restaurants of all kinds from all corners of Casper are participating. You can see the full list here.

 What are the ideas behind the prices? 

We tried to create price points that were fun, easy to remember, and (of course) local. The price points are $3.07, $18.90 and $51.50.

 307 is well known as our statewide area code, 1890 is the year that Wyoming became a state and 5150’ is Casper’s elevation.

Why do you believe so many restaurants wanted to participate? 

As far as we know, 5150’ Restaurant Week is the first event of its kind here in Casper and everyone has been really excited about it. I think it’s a simple and fun event that will hopefully entice people to skip cooking dinner or making their morning coffee at home this week and patronize their local establishments instead.

 What are your thoughts on the development of downtown Casper and events such as the Art Walk, Rock the block, etc.? 

I think that the development and new events downtown have been incredible for the entire community. It is great for the town to have a hub to gather and connect with each other and the place they live.

Why do you think people are so engaged with community activities recently? 

I think that Casper-ites are generally very supportive of the things others are doing. Casper loves Casper, and when there are so many great events and activities to be engaged with, people show up in support.

 What do you want 5150 to do in the future? Goals? 

We want to continue to evolve into a great outlet for Casper to show their love of the place they call home.

That sounds good enough for us. Get out and spend some time in all of the unique places that make Casper Casper. Go beyond The District and remind yourself, and others, why you choose to make Wyoming ‘Wy(home)ing.’

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