By: Nick Perkins

There are 5 things that Rich Logan loved more than anything else: his family, his friends, his town and, perhaps more than anything else, honestly, his cars & his bikes. Okay, there is nothing that mattered more to Rich than his family and friends…but he sure did love his toys.

Always a car and bike enthusiast, Rich Logan was a frequent at many a car/motorcycle show when he was alive. When he passed away last year, after a valiant battle against cancer, Logan left behind a grieving widow, a hurt community and some pretty awesome cars.

Logan actually gave a few of his cars to his close friend John Huff, owner of Yellowstone Garage. Huff and Logan were close; as close as two men could be, really. Huff even paid tribute to his friend by naming his own son Logan.

“I knew Rich Logan since about 1975,” John Huff, owner of Yellowstone Garage stated. “I got to be real good friends with him; he worked in the oil field like I did and he was a really good guy. He helped people. He loved cars. He got cancer a little over 2 years ago and got sick and I watched him go from ‘healthy’ to ‘dead’ in about a year.  It was very painful to watch. He was a very kind and compassionate guy. Everybody loved him. It was tough.”

It’s never easy when a loved one passes away but, after the grieving process ended (as much as it ever really could end) Huff knew that he wanted to pay tribute to his friend in another way.

“We were sitting here, trying to come up with a couple ideas and we thought to ourselves, ‘we oughta have a car show a couple times this summer,’” Huff revealed.  “Rich’s widow, Cindy came to mind and my girlfriend, Wendi said ‘Why don’t we call it the Rich Logan Memorial Car Show?’”

“That was it,” Huff continued. “We told Cindy and she started crying. She’s cried a lot. We’re gonna have not just cars, but bikes too because Rich loved his bikes.”

“This will be a very sentimental event,” Huff added.

On Saturday, June 22nd, the Yellowstone Garage will be presenting the 2nd Annual  “Rich Logan Memorial Car and Bike Show.” From 11am to 2pm or later, the community is invited to come check out some amazing cars and motorcycles, eat great food, listen to some tunes and pay respect to a man that to have known was to have loved. Rich Logan loved his town as much as he loved having a good time.

From 11am-2pm, community members will gather to celebrate the life and loves of Rich Logan. It’s a free event that is open to the community. It’s family-friendly and will feature games for children, in addition to the toys for the grownups. There will be live music, courtesy of Rogue Radio, as well as various food vendors, activities and more. A $250 ‘People’s Choice Award’ will be awarded for the best car and bike at the show, but competition will be fierce and one has to believe that Logan himself will be watching the events unfold from his big La-Z-Boy in the sky. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Vietnam Vets Legacy Group, an organization that had been important to Logan for years.

Rich Logan was a good man, nobody will say any different. Now, the community has the chance to celebrate the life (and the vehicles) of Rich Logan while, partying out in the sun and enjoying all of the best parts about The District, which just so happen to be the very same things that Logan so proudly stood for- fun, fellowship, family, community and, last but certainly not least….cars. It was always about the cars for him and now the community has the chance to spend one more car show with Rich Logan.


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By: Nick Perkins

We’ve truly been a part of something special. From June 6th – 9th, 2019 community members in Casper, Wyoming came together to celebrate art, expression and, most of all, love.

Hundreds of residents marched, danced, sang, spoke, laughed and cried their way through various shops, stages and bars over the course of the weekend. They took pride in not only who they are, but also in what they create. Whether it was a painting, a dance, an emblem or an anthem, Casper, as always, stood together in unison to support our local arts and our local hearts.

For many, Pride Fest/Nic Fest been more than just a memorable weekend. It’s been an opportunity to fully embrace themselves, without fear and without abandon.

We had the opportunity to spend some time in the sun, watching the events that took place all over town. We also had an opportunity to sit down with one of Casper Pride’s most visible allies, Athne Machdane. Athne, along with many other community members, have lived in Casper for years, so we wanted to sit down and find out what Pride really means to them.

The video below documents those conversations and prove, once again, why we are so proud to call Wyoming home.

Examples of what Pride means to Casper community members:

“It means my life. It means that I don’t ever have to apologize ever again for who I am, what I’ve been through or what my experience has brought me.”

“Being happy about who you are.”

“Pride is being yourself, no matter what anybody thinks.”

“Pride, to me, means that regardless of who you are, who you want to be, the abilities that you have or don’t have, or the upbringing that you had or the future you want- the entire accumulation of you is something that you hold in you and you treasure it and you work with and not against.”

“Pride means everything to me. Pride means universal freedom, human rights. It means being able to walk down the street with your hand in your lover’s hand, without being afraid of being looked at or persecuted. It means seeking equality, and until we have that, Pride will always be a thing.

“Pride is affirmation; being happy with yourself, loving your identity- who you were born, who you were meant to be. Being true to yourself.”

This was a truly landmark event and we were so unbelievably proud of the individuals and businesses, especially in The District, who helped make this a safe place for all. Casper proved, once again, that the time for change is now and the place for change is right here, in Casper and in The District.

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By: Nick Perkins

The Bar industry is an industry unlike any other. This is especially true of bartenders themselves. Men and women from all walks of life give up significant portions of their day to serve up Cocktails and Dreams to strangers on a nightly basis. It’s a thankless job but, as the expression goes, somebody’s gotta do it.

More often than not, bartending is a fun job, full of colorful characters and memorable experiences. Some of those experiences, however, are not exactly memorable for positive reasons.

In an industry where bartenders act as therapists, prescribing Jack Daniels instead of Xanax, things can get out of hand quickly. There’s a lot that goes on both behind and in front of the bar, and those are the stories that we, at The District want to delve into. This is Behind the Bar.

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