Back To School

By: Nick Perkins

“Back to school, back to school
To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool
I’ve got my lunch packed up
My boots tied tight
I hope I don’t get in a fight”

-Seminal Classic Film, Billy Madison

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, the sun is setting a little bit earlier and you, dear reader, are no doubt being inundated with back to school promotions. You are, we assume, getting quite overwhelmed. We don’t blame you. This is a stressful time but, we assure you, you are not alone. You can make it through this. And we can help.

The bad news is, you and your family, especially your children, are going to be miserable for the next 9 months. The good news is, at least they can be miserable in style! There are several shops in The District that will make your kid the envy of the classroom. There are also places in The District that will recharge and refresh your entire family as Fall turns into Winter, Winter into Spring and, finally, Spring turns back into Summer.

So, hypothetical parent, take a breath (or a drink) and take our hand as we lead you through The District’s Guide to Going Back to School. This article is designed to give you and your student ideas on how to look good, feel good and, most importantly, make a ton of memories this school year.

Look Good

There are many shops located within The District that will ensure your student is voted “best-dressed” in this year’s yearbook.

Cooper’s Makeup & Clothing is one of the newest additions to The District and it is the perfect place to find clothes that have all the fashion and flare of something you’d find in New York or Paris, but without the outrageous prices. Whether your student is looking for the coolest jeans, the flowiest dresses or, if your student is a senior this year and just doesn’t have to care anymore, the comfiest yoga pants, Cooper’s is the place to go. Cooper’s also has shirts, shoes, belts, hats, jewelry and more, so whether your student is a he or a she, Cooper’s is sure to dress them for success.

And did we mention makeup? Look, nobody likes waking up at the crack of dawn to make one’s self look presentable. First of all, you’re beautiful just the way you are. But! If you’re a fan of makeup, Cooper’s has a wide selection of makeup lines designed to accentuate your beauty- not overpower it. They also have a variety of services, including makeup lessons, group lessons, group events, full face services, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and more. Cooper Cercy is trained in each of those and she is determined to make individuals look as beautiful as they feel. They only use cruelty-free makeup lines and Cooper always has her finger on the pulse of “what’s hot/what’s not” when it comes to makeup and fashion. Cooper’s Makeup and Clothing offer the hottest labels for prices that are cheaper than what one could find online.

Better still, from August 31-September 15th, Cooper’s is offering an ‘End of Summer Sale.’ 2 racks in the store are 30% off and 1 Men’s Table is also 30% off, so your student is sure to find something that will “wow!” the school without breaking the bank.

Cooper’s Makeup and Clothing is located at 241 S Center St, Suite 200 in the old Tripeny Building. Call 307-337-1521 or visit for more information.

Of course, Cooper’s isn’t the only game in town when it comes to fashion.

1890 Screen & Stitch is located in the heart of The District, and it offers a bevy of hand-stitched clothing for the students who are proud to call their state ‘MYoming.’

1890 specializes in screen printing services, embroidery and direct to garment printing. With their screen printing, they use traditional plastisol or up-and-coming water-based inks to create a logo perfect for company logos, sports jerseys and more. They also utilize embroidery techniques to add logos or designs to shirts, hats, jackets or a multitude of other things. Basically, if you wear it, they can embroider it. Additionally, 1890 offers Direct to Garment printing services. DTG offers full-color screening imaging with maximum clarity and they can mass produce OR produce just a single shirt. Whatever the need is, 1890 can fulfill it because they are so passionate about the stories they are able to help create.

If your student is proud to be from Wyoming, is happy to shop local and wants to look really, really good, then 1890 is the place to go.

Scott Cotton, owner of 1890 said that the goal of his store was to provide “an opportunity to create Wyoming and enhance the lives of those who reside here.” 1890 isn’t creating beautiful clothes just for the sake of making a quick buck. They want their clothing to be more than just “stuff.” They want it to be a movement. They want those who wear their shirts to proudly say “I am from Wyoming, This is my state, my city, my home.”

1890 creates art that we get to wear, that’s all, and their clothes and accessories are perfect for the student who want to actually say something with what they wear.

1890 Screen & Stitch is located at 411 W. Yellowstone Hwy. Call 307-577-1890 (heh) or visit for more information.

Feel Good

Having a successful, memorable school year is about more than just looking good, however. Your student needs to feel good as well and that’s why Spruce Nail Bar is the perfect place to wind down, relax and recharge after an especially tough school year. Though it does serve alcohol (which is awesome), Spruce2 exists for men and women of all ages!

The services that Spruce offer are vast and varied. Their manicures and pedicures packages come in different levels (Spruce, Sprucer, Sprucest) and include therapeutic Himalayan salt bombs, hydrating body butters, foot masks and more.  Spruce also offers services for men and children, because beauty isn’t only important to women. After a hard week of school, after-school activities, before-school activities, out-of-town weekend activities and math class, like any math class, it’s important to take time to relax. You and your student(s) are able to do this at Spruce. Manicures, pedicures, body butters and more are the perfect ways to wind down after a helluva week. Bonus if you’re the parent: you can have a margarita or a glass of wine whilst being pampered. Because Spruce knows you need a break sometimes, too. That’s why Spruce Nail Bar exists- to allow you to relax while reminding you that you and your kiddos are beautiful. Looking good is important, but feeling good is even more important.

Spruce Nail Bar is located at 314 W. Midwest Avenue. Call 307-337-1091 or visit for more information.

Make Memories

There was a picture floating around Social Mediums recently of a note that a teacher wrote to the parents of her students, in regards to homework. The teacher said that she is not issuing homework this year, as she believed it was more important for families to spend what little free time they have actually doing things as a family, instead of spending even MORE time doing schoolwork. This is a novel idea and, in a perfect world, would be something that all teachers would adopt.

It’s important to spend time together. The school year is busy for all parties involved, but let’s not forget to make time for each other. And there is no better place to do that than David Street Station.

David Street Station is “where Casper comes together.” It’s also where families come together. Every week, David Street Station provides a plethora of activities for families. Whether it’s a Family Game Night, Lunches on the Lawn (Every Monday at Noon), Family Movie Nights (over now, but still super cool), David Street Station is proud to be a place where families can gather and make memories together. There will undoubtedly be a new variety of fall/winter activities coming up at David Street Station, including the construction of a real-life, outdoor skating rink!

Spending time together is one of, if not the most key ingredient to success in school, work and life in general.  When your students are older, it’s not Tuesday’s math test or a science project in 7th grade that they will remember. It is the time that they spent with you, as a family, making memories.

And there is no better place to do that than at the David Street Station.

David Street Station is located, coincidently, at 200 S. David Street. Call 307-235-6710 or visit for more information.

Of course, it’s one thing to make memories, but it’s almost equally important to capture those memories. Yes, most people use their camera phones to take cute videos and post them on InstaTweetBook or whatever, but phones get lost. Accounts get deleted. IClouds freakout and accidentally send the very intimate situation you shared with your girlfriend to your entire address book. I mean, maybe that just happened to me, but still. Preservation is key and we shouldn’t always count on the internet to provide that. Real life, honest-to-God, tangible photographs are extremely vital to preserving memories and the best place to find Casper’s best photography equipment is Wyoming Camera Outfitters. WCO specializes in a complete line of rental cameras, lenses and support equipment from some of the top brand names in the industry, like Canon, Tamron, Mindshift and more.

WCO also offers camera training courses, software workshops, lighting workshops, advanced photography lessons and more. They even have a portrait studio available for rent. They have warranties offered with every purchase as well.

A picture is worth a thousand words and if you want to really say something, do it with the equipment from Wyoming Camera Outfitters. They’re a retail shop, sure. But just like every other business in The District, their primary goal is to help you make memories.

Wyoming Camera Outfitters is located at 128 W. 2nd Street. Call 307-237-1223 or visit for more information.

And there you have it- The District’s Guide to Going Back to School. We know it can be stressful and that you and your students can get overwhelmed. But, in case you haven’t heard it lately, you’ve got this. It’s going to be a good year. You’re a good parent, even if the past three nights have been ‘leftovers night.’ They’re good kids even though their room looks worse than Chernobyl and they STILL HAVEN’T FED THE DAMN DOG!!!. You guys are going to be okay. If you check out some of the places on our list, they will look good and you both will feel good. And if you remember that you’re all in this crazy, stressful, overwhelming, beautiful thing called life together, and you’re able to laugh about it, you’ll be just fine. Thank you for letting The District be a part of your memories.  Have a great school year.

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