Casper’s Got Talent

By: Staff Writer

When it comes to live music you only really need a few things. One, you need some cool places for bands to play. Two you need a music-loving crowd to come out have some fun. Three, you need some good bands to take the reins and put on a show. And when we say “good bands” we mean bands that have some heart, soul, and a little talent.

Casper has always been a music town. From country bands of old to rock and roll, punk rock, heavy metal, bluegrass, and whatever it is the bands are doing now, the scene has always been there. Looking back on some of the bands that have come out of this town there is a common thread amongst them. There are some talented people and bands that have made their mark on this town and the music community.

With too many great acts to cover we chose our top seven but did include an Honorable Mention below for some other top talents as well.

Here are our picks for Casper’s top bands (in no particular order)

Zach Schommer
– As a current hit with Casper, Zach has made his name in this community. Great vocals, songs, and ability to keep the crowd. He’s a strong solo artist and we’d love to see how he would do in a full-on band situation. There is plenty of positive things to say about Zach but it would take too long to list them.

The Front – That’s right. Casper’s own punk rock threat. They’ve played all over, made a name, released some great tunes, moshed the pits, and stayed true to their roots along the way. Easily one of the most talented bands to come out of Casper and with a cult-like following they can break the rules if they want.

Eli Manor Band – A full-on blues band that does not disappoint. They searched deep in the crates to get their sound and were a solid go-to when it came to packing a party, show, or street scene in Casper. They have played regionally and with some big names making them a staple for this list. In a genre full of talent the Eli Manor band comes across as one of Casper’s best blues acts ever.

John May – Once a young lad who quietly came in with a guitar and played some songs for anyone who was interested. Now he’s built himself into a well-known figure. Having some successes in the industry John has performed with Jazz and contemporary legends and studio musicians such as Wayne Bergeron and Eric Marienthal, opened for such nationally acclaimed groups as The Three Twins Broadband (HBO’s Treme), award-winning songwriter Susan Gibson, The Young Dubliners of MTV’s Real World, and most recently Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten.

Chad Lore – We can’t say enough about this cat. Even when the music scene was small Chad has always been there to let us know it’s all going to be ok, just get another beer, oh and one for him too. He really is the one-man-show and knows how to play any crowd. If talent were tangible as in like a person walking around it might look like Chad Lore.

Beastwood – Heavy riff-rock soaked in sludge and southern barbeque. Then maybe served at the fair and labeled, not for the faint of heart. There have been plenty of hard rockers to kick the streets of Casper, but Beastwood found a way to make their sound stand out and shine. Rowdy rock with loads of attitude and riffs to match make this band infectious and can get even the non-believers to nod their heads to the beat. Talent comes in many shapes and sizes but in this case, it’s like a howling werewolf from the desert.

Seed N Stems – Although known now as “Eazyside” we will all remember them under the former name. Fun guys, good vibes, great songs, and the ability to play a cover and totally make it their own and do it any way they wanted with a punk-reggae style that put the crowd in party mode. They have been a Casper staple for years and always pack the house when they come out. They are all very talented, but they score extra for style points.



Wreckards • The Last Coyote • Steve Frame •  Quinlan Valdez



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