Crescent Moon Coffee Stop

It’s like something out of a black and white Woody Allen Movie. It’s a big space, with windows overlooking downtown Casper. It’s a smiling face behind a bar. It’s music and lighting and fun and laughter and it will put you over the moon. It is Crescent Moon Coffee Shop and it is one of the best local coffee shops in town. Specializing in a variety of beverages, desserts, paninis (THE PANINIS!!!) and more, Crescent Moon exists simply to make your life a little better. It is owned and operated by a young lady barely out of high school, but judging by the quality of food and drink, as well as the service, you would think this gal has been in the biz for years. Stop by Crescent Moon Coffee Shop, located at 114 West 2nd Once you do, we’ll need a lasso to pull you away from the place.

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