Urban Bottle Begins New Chapter of Their ‘Liquor Store Love Story’

By: Nick Perkins

She kept reiterating ‘customer service.’ Throughout our conversation, those were the two words we kept coming back to. It didn’t come across like a rehearsed, corporate PR line, either. Customer service is sincerely what Jennifer Trupp, General Manager of Urban Bottle Wine & Spirits, believes is the foundation of what she is trying to build.

It is, in fact, the foundation of what the entirety of Downtown Casper is trying to build, in all honesty. Every decision that is made, every brick that is laid, is done so with the desire to build a better downtown for the people of Casper.

Customer Service is the backbone of The District and, if one wants their business to be truly successful, they need to adhere to that idea as quickly as possible.

Luckily, while Trupp has only been the GM of Urban Bottle for a short time, it is already a mission statement that has been ingrained in her heart and on her mind.

Urban Bottle first opened its doors in December of 2016. In the short 3 years it has been open, Urban Bottle has proven itself to be a fixture of The District. Owners John and Lauren Griffith, along with their silent partners envisioned Urban Bottle as more than just another place to buy booze. Casper already has enough of those. What the owners of UB wanted was something that would remembered. They wanted their store to be an event, an experience. They wanted Urban Bottle to be, in their words, a “liquor store love story.”

Fast forward 3 years and that’s exactly what it has become. Urban Bottle has grown from a boutique liquor store into one of the biggest, most consistent highlights of The District and at the forefront (or storefront, as it were) of it all is Jennifer Trupp.

“I think the vision of Urban Bottle really is to see downtown thrive and to be another focal point of The District,” Trupp said. “I want it to be a place where people can just stop in, grab a bottle of wine, share it together and then be on their way to check out other places downtown.”

As a Wyoming-native with a background in marketing and sales, Trupp knows that the most important aspect of any business is, without question, customer service. The owners of Urban Bottle share that idea, and that is one of the reasons that they hired Trupp as their proverbial “face of the business.”

“The customer service side of this business was very intriguing to me,” she stated. “I think that there’s a need for that in this environment. If you look at what Urban Bottle has to offer, especially in the community and in the downtown area, the customer service side of what we have back here is so unknown.”

While Urban Bottle was originally just a liquor store that occasionally hosted wine-tastings and jazz trios, it has since grown into an operation that features tastings, concerts, catering opportunities, partnerships with other local businesses and more. On a weekly basis, customers are invited to partake in wine tastings, as well as beer and cocktail tastings. Urban Bottle has a fully-functional bar, keg and tap and Trupp encourages passersby to stop in for a drink and actually stay for a while.

“If you ask people, ‘hey, what do you know about Urban Bottle?’ they don’t realize that you can open up a bottle of wine, or that there are kegs back here, or wine on tap, cocktails on tap and more,” Trupp boasted.

Any establishment that features wine on tap is sure to be a head-turner, and that’s exactly what Urban Bottle has become. But it isn’t just their product that sets Urban Bottle apart. It is also, stick with us here, their customer service.

“When people come in, we want to make it a full experience,” Trupp reiterated. “We don’t want people to just buy their beer and leave. So we ask ourselves, ‘how do we become more knowledgeable?’ That’s why we hold wine tastings. Because the more knowledgeable we are- even not just me as the General Manager, but the employees too- the more knowledgeable we are, the better we can help our customers.”

It’s not just the relationships with customers that Trupp and her team want to continue to develop, either. They also understand how pivotal it is to build relationships with other businesses in The District.

“We’re always partnering with everyone around us,” she said. “It’s not a competition with everybody else; it’s a partnership. And that’s what makes a great downtown.”

In just 3 short years, Urban Bottle has partnered with businesses like ART 321, Racca’s Pizzeria, Grant Street Grocery, Backwards Distilling Company and more. Trupp knows that the more local businesses partner and work together, the better it is for all parties involved, especially the customers.

Almost every business owner in Downtown Casper has stated that they want The District to become a destination for tourists and locals alike. They’ve said that they want Casper to be viewed as on-par with bigger cities in neighboring Fort Collins or South Dakota. Trupp is no different.

“I would like to see [downtown] as another form of Fort Collins,” she said. “I would like to see the city pass the idea of having a veranda out here so that people would be able to have a glass of wine outside on the sidewalk. That’s how it should be. I would like to see downtown full of people just walking around, shopping and enjoying their surroundings. That’s how it should be.”

That is how it should be. And it’s what it could be, as well. So many people in Downtown Casper are passionate about their business, about their city and about their people. Urban Bottle is but one of the many stories that are being written in The District. But this one is a different kind of story. It’s a love story, actually. And it’s that love for their city, their downtown and, most importantly, their customers that will determine Urban Bottle’s success moving forward. Luckily, for the owners, for the customers and for the store itself, it seems to be in good hands.


Urban Bottle is located at 410 S. Ash Street in Casper, WY 82601. They are open Monday-Saturday, 10am-10pm and Sunday, 11am-4pm. For more information, visit their website, check out their Facebook Page or give them a call at 307-333-6424.

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